surf trip south

2 americans, 1 chilean, and 2 moroccans in a land rover going on a road trip... guaranteed laugh's and good times on the open road. our crew headed south for 2 days of surfing and photography. the conditions were shaping up nicely according to weather charts we had followed for days. the waves were going to be good sized, the sun out and the wind favorable. when there are waves approaching any coast in the world, surfers are probably better meteorologists than most that hold the job at the local tv news station.

we ended up leaving late, so a good nights rest went out the window with the need to get up early for good waves and good light for photos. on the ride south, mark and i played a game of 'would you rather?', a game the two of us had started in the maldives on a previous trip. 1 example: would you rather drink 4 red bulls in succession or have to eat a jar of warm mayonaise? if any of you know mark bale or myself, you know they got much worse (or better depending on how you look at it) than this, but you get the idea. needless to say, our stomach's were hurting from laughing so hard. the drive down wasn't without a few close calls. anytime you drive here, something crazy is bound to happen. what is 'crazy' to westerners is 'normal' to local moroccans. single lane roads at night, no streetlights, and 80% of vehicles drive with their brights on. being blinded, there are times you need to guess where the road is. passing on the right is always an option (yes, regardless of if there is a lane or not). stopping in the middle of the road for no apparent reason is always an option here. somehow, we made it to the 'hotel'. i question whether this place should be called a hotel.

530am came quickly, and we forced down a local fried treat called 'psimmen'; a fried bread with honey, then washed it down with the local mint tea, which has enough sugar added to kickstart a cadaver. once to the surf spot, we were perched up on a cliff overlooking the waves reeling off the point. 'ants in the pants' took on a whole new meaning. no one could wait to get their wetsuits on and get in the water.

3 surf sessions in a day and a half and the boys could hardly move their arms.

this world class wave offered up some of her finest. big grins and shaking heads side to side is all you can do when everything comes together like this. ill let the photos tell the rest of the story.