portugal life

closing days in morocco went just fine with pastries in my belly. the french pastry influence has made its way around different parts of europe and even into morocco. eating something like an almond croissant in a slow manner is out of the question.

took a large prop plane from casablanca to lisbon. i had an aisle seat. the 13 year old kid next to me recognized i was looking intently at the waves that splashed the cliff's towering over the ocean just outside Lisbon. he leaned his chair back and gave me a nod, as if thats what local portugese kids do. we flew in over the river, past the Christ statue and multiple futbol stadiums. the clay tile roof's of white houses left little to no room for trees to grow. touchdown.

why haven't i heard much about Portugal before? the coastline is amazing; rugged. having visited other european cities, Lisbon is what i imagined. stone patterned narrow streets and sidewalks, old cable cars, old architecture, graffiti art, skateboarders filling the center square, tourist donning large shopping bags, and good seafood.

last year the pro surfing circuit held an event here. the waves delivered for the contest and more people, surfers included, are checking their bags.

as stated on the plaque, this is the most western point in europe. the view over the ocean below.

Morro ruins above Sintra, a small mountain town. the Morro's (Moroccan's) used to rule this area in the 1200's and were overtaken by the Portugese.
Cascais at sundown
one 'tag' of graffiti i have enjoyed seeing in a few different places around Lisbon.
self portrait in front of lightbox (Cascais).
sk8 lisbon
old cable cars in city
Lisbon on the river
flight attendents.. . prepare for arrival
old catholic church in Lisbon
peacocks in Lisbon ?