i amsterdam


if you read my first portugal blog, you remember my friend Riemer from the Netherlands. unfortunately, my layover in amsterdam was before he returned from Portugal, so i wasn't able to see him in his home country.

being a photographer, my 'mission' was to walk around the city full of canal's and shoot at will. that i did. i came home with a few shots that i was happy with.

a place visited by many hippies indulging in marijuana cafe's, amsterdam offers up something for everyone; buskers, museums, historical architecture, anne frank house, pubs, and the red-light district. the red-light district is something you have to see to believe. at night, men (and some women) walk an area within the city marked by red lights where scantily clad women sell themselves from a store window. sickening.

overall, it was worth a train ride into the city to walk around, grab a sandwich and a belgian ale on tap and walk 10 miles shooting photos.

the images below are from my few hours there. and don't worry Reimer, ill be back to see you my friend.

pigeon flight
building reflection
ever heard of a square ?
my thoughts exactly
you are ?
heiny design
netherlands flowerpot
night vibe
swan amidst sin
local transport