mitten state

Michigan map
pileated woodpecker
golden eagle
lightning strike
tall hardwoods
fall colors
snow lines
big red lighthouse (holland, MI)
lake superior
big M trail
sandbowl, lake MI in background
yankee springs trail
self portrait
marquette, MI trails

it was recently recommended that i write a blog on Michigan, the mitten state, and include some photos.

i would be honored.

Michigan. Just like Johnny Cash, i was born here. 4 seasons, 3 of which i like.. the other one i like only when there is enough snow to snowshoe the hills along lake Michigan or do donuts in the car. i happily moved away at age 18. a place ive always come back for visiting family and friends; ive lived away from this state for many years. over the last few years ive really come to appreciate this great lakes state. after all, if you can hold up your hand as the state map to show people precisely where you live, it already has 1 darn good thing going for it. powerful thunderstorms rock the area during spring month's dumping mass amounts of rain. getting to lake Michigan during one of these storms is pretty sweet. there is usually a 'front' of clouds, followed by rain and lightning that will make your tongue go numb. no joke. about 10 years ago, i was running from the car to the front door at my friends house when lightning hit somewhere really close... my tongue was electrified and i ran in the house talking like i just got back from the dentist when your tongue feels like its 3x its normal size.

the hardwood trees that decorate the landscape here are tall, lush, and green... until fall, when they reveal a display of yellows, oranges, and reds that bring people from all over to see. being a surfer and snowboarder the for the last 10 years, ive concentrated my efforts on riding the mountain bike more and more. ive ridden bikes a lot of places around the U.S. and Michigan has some of the best singletrack trails. i cant seem to understand why i cant get any of my CA friends to bring their bikes over. having the great lakes, which collectively between the 5 of them, account for 1/5 of the world's fresh water, is amazing. if you don't think these lakes or waves are big, take into account the deepest part of lake superior is over 1300 feet and the song "Edmund Fitzgerald" is a song about one of many freighters taken down by storms on the great lakes.

many of the people living in the midwest frequent michigan for their summer vacations, and for good reason. the lakes and trails offer some of the best outdoor activities; boating, fishing, waterskiing, and the motorcycles, bikes, campers and hikers visit the parks and trails.

let me know when you're coming.

upcoming blogs: 1. da yoopers (people and places in the upper peninsula of Michigan).

2. crystal lake cottage

for those of you that take the time...this is to you... cheers!