the goodness

every year.. around this time.. my mom makes homemade salsa.
we wait till our local farmer harvests the roma tomatoes and then it's on.
i call it "the goodness".. because thats what it is.
when i am around these parts.. Michigan, i join her and my dad to help out..
this year we did 300 pints.
they are for sale if you're interested.. $6/pint.
this year we did a few different things to mix it up.. including:
the "normal goodness"
banana pepper batch
black bean/corn/lime batch
a mango batch.

the photos tell the rest of the story.
i think i'll go and crack open summa the goodness..

put a lid on it
g for green.. g for goodness
roma.. the best.
peel n process
"stir it up"
the goodness in a jar
a case of goodness. 10 jalepeños, 5 with seeds per batch.
grip n seal. i'm convinced this is why my mom had wrist surgery last year.

cubed mango
first attempt at mango salsa