get out there

there are things that boys and girls absolutely need in life. things that make you feel alive. things that refresh, recharge, renew something inside you. they make you feel as though life is more than just work and "getting by". they bring on emotion in the form of tears, laughter, admiration, joy, etc. a lot of times these experiences happen when we get off our duff and get outside and do something. and more times than not, these are shared with people close to us. people we respect. people that encourage us. people that love us the way we are, whether we're at our best or worst.

recently i was invited to go snowboarding with some old friends and some guys i hadn't met yet. new friends. we spent one day at steven's pass, a ski/snowboard resort with lift access to some fun terrain. the following 2.5 days would involve accessing backcountry with a snowcat and riding untracked powder. words cannot express how it felt to snowboard in this part of the woods. or this part of the world if you will. at the end of each run there would be heads shaking side to side. no one could put it in words. "did you see.." "you know when i made that turn and snow went all over the place.. including my face..?". face-shots! "ahhhhhhhhhhh.. yesssss!" words of joy.. feelings of elation.. smiles.. laughs.. shouts.. all amidst burning muscles in legs from making so many turns in the fresh powder. the burning of muscles couldn't overshadow the feelings/emotions we were all experiencing. the adrenalin had taken over. you had to express something.. a yell, a word.. a half of a sentence.. it didn't matter. we were all experiencing it. no words could describe it, but we all felt it.

aside from our riding gear, we brought food and beverages for the short adventure. we stayed in a yurt powered by generator, complete with wood stove for heating and bunk beds for sleeping. i don't think i realized the severity of riding in the backcountry until our guide described a guy that got caught in an avalanche only weeks before. when they found him buried in the snow, he had his leg completely ripped off. he had died from trauma. riding with an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel in your backpack was mandatory. disappearing in 12 foot tree wells was not out of the question; you fall into one and your friends could ride right by you and never see you. needless to say, we were riding with a little more caution and keeping an eye on each other. the heart beats. the adrenalin flows. the powder flies. it was epic.

the food seemed to taste better. the beer finer. the reminder of the previous days epic powder turns cancelled out any hurts or pains in the body and if that didn't suffice, a couple ibuprofen did the trick. there wasn't anything that would keep us from getting out there to enjoy more powder runs. in my case, not even feeling horribly sick and congested. it snowed hard virtually the entire time, yet for a while one night, the clouds parted and the sky lit up with stars and moon. the kind of stars where it looks like a ceiling of astronomy you can reach out and touch with your hands.

many stories, high-fives, yells, adrenalin rushes, and good times were shared getting away in the woods. Gods country.

its always worth it and charges you up to head back into the "not-so-real world".

get out there.