no, it's not a twitter feed.
im not feeding a twitter.

i was hiking recently on Mount SI here in Washington state.
at one point i was the only person on the peak.
i turned around and there was a bird sitting on a lone evergreen, not 3 feet off my shoulder.
munchin' on some beef jerky, i decided to rip off a super small piece and hold my hand way
up in the air. he flew over and landed on my hand almost instantly. after he took his treat
to the trees a few hundred yards off, i began to wonder if there were other birds watching
me from a distance. i ripped off another small piece of jerky and stood there with my arm
raised. i could see him flying up from a long distance off... and all the way to my hand.
within 20 minutes, i made 4 new friends.
photo's attached of the view of mount rainier and some of my new peeps.
seattle skyline with olympic mtn's
wide angle looking towards seattle

takin' it all in
mt rainier
take off