stay true

it's time i write something again.
for those creative, there are things that make you inspired.
being creative is inspiring.
doing 1 thing creative can lead to another and so on and so on.
if you don't start or don't use your creativity, those 'juices' become stagnant, like old discolored pond water.  in this case, old discolored pond water sucks.
after a series of circumstances and reminders from people and media, i am inspired,.. once again.
it is nice to put the creative tools down every once in a while, but i don't like becoming stagnant.  i don't want to give up what i know is/are things i 'need' to do.  if no 1 likes my creativity, who cares; i should want to do it anyway.  it's what makes me tick and there is always the satisfaction of doing/creating what i thought up in the 1st place.  we shouldn't be creating things for interest or affirmation of others anyway.  do it because you love to do it.  if you can't make a living at it, do it in your 'off time' and be okay with it.
these 2 kids are a good reminder of that (do yourself a favor and watch the video clip):
also, thanks to my good friend spencer for sending along this link.  it was inspiring.. in many ways!
i hope it is to you also.
be inspired and get after it.
stay true to who you are.