rat tale

i have a bit of a war going with some rats at the apartment building that i manage.

i was thinking about anti-freeze soaked nuts, but that means they will die somewhere, likely in the walls of the apartment building and then i have a bigger problem.

they are coming in beneath the building; i found one of their holes and plugged it and i didn't see or hear from them for a bit.  but, as you can probably guess, they found another entrance.

a couple month's ago they bit a hole through the drywall under/behind my sink and were coming in there. 

they were also getting into the wall of the apartment downstairs, which wasn't a pleasant surprise to the tenant down there.  surprisingly, she wasn't happy at all.  apparently she saw one of them in her kitchen. 

my thought was if i could keep them coming to my apartment, i could contain them and go to war with them and keep them from going to other people's apartments.

as per the property management company recommendation, i called to have an estimate.  a fat guy with a clipboard came out and surveyed the building, both outside and in.  he had a firm handshake, which was a good start, until i received the estimate the following day: $1400 for 3 month's of rat control.  i called and asked what this entailed and he explained.  "well, we come and put a lot of traps in the building and vacuum up the rat poop, so we know where they are living/crawling and then put more rat traps down."

the estimate was sent to the apartment management email address which the building owners have access to.  they have never responded so fast to an email.  they wanted to make sure i wasn't going to sign this guy up for rat control.  c'mon, i'm not that dumb, i thought to myself.  i decided "for a fee" i would take this matter in my own hands.

i made a trip to the hardware store and bought them out of rat traps.  16.  i then proceeded to put about 5 traps in the cupboard under my sink and didn't catch a single one.  i put the remaining 11 traps downstairs in the maintenance room and got 1 over the last month.

they kept coming.

there are nights where i'm in my room and i can hear him come in under my sink.  i sit there waiting for the trap to go off and ... nothing.  i was hearing what i thought was sounds of a plate, or a glass and i knew there wasn't either of those under the sink.

i then noticed there was a wrapper in the cupboard under the sink from some food that was in the cupboard next to the cupboard under the sink.  "you little rat bastard!" i thought to myself.  actually, i think i said it out loud.  yeah, i did.

i couldn't see where they were gaining access to the next cupboard.  there it was... way in the back corner they had gnawed through 3/4 inch board.. a hole big enough to crawl through.  they were into my almonds, jerky, etc.  i was flustered already, but now they were into my choice foods.  it's time to pay, bastards.

i grew more frustrated still.

i sorted through the packages that were not affected and put them in the cupboards above and threw out the packages that were torn open and eaten out of, which included a 5 pound bag of almonds and a 1 pound bag of jerky.

i broke up a few almonds and strung along a crumb line to the back corner of the cupboard under the sink where they were entering..  in the next cupboard, right at the entrance from the kitchen sink cupboard i put a trap, with a couple of pieces of almond on it.

a few nights ago i snuck over to the kitchen because i thought i heard one.  i shined the flashlight back into the hole under the cupboard where i noticed a tail slowly making its way up the wall right behind the drywall. 

i came home last night and that little ****er fell for it.  let's just say he went out with a big head ache.  we'll just have to see if there are other family members that know about the same almond stash. 

game on.