framed invitational

I got an email a couple Friday's ago from a guy asking if I wanted to take part in a photo competition up in Leavenworth, WA.  Not knowing if I could even pull it off, I responded immediately.  Yes.  I'll do it.  Only after sending the email did I realize I had a lot to do in 3 days if I was going to be able actually go and be involved.  I finished the work I had to complete over the weekend and drove over Stevens Pass into Leavenworth on Monday and spent the week there photographing locals doing what they love; for work and play.

Framed is a photo invitational put on by the Leavenworth Mountain Association and supported by the local chamber of commerce and local businesses.  It brings together people for an event which includes slideshows from the 5 invited photographers, art, beer in art form, a raffle, and live music.  It was an honor to be invited.

The idea for the slideshow was to give a feel for the town of Leavenworth.

Here's what I put together.  Though I didn't win anything for this, it was already a win for me meeting and connecting with so many cool people in Leavenworth.  They are the ones in the photos and to them I say thank you, again.

I hope you enjoy it.